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Parent Training Program

Children need a nurturing home environment, yet many parents of deaf children are not able to communicate in their deaf child’s native language, which is Pakistan Sign Language (PSL). Deaf Reach strives to nurture family relationships by supporting families and parents of deaf students through its Parent Training Program.

PSL Classes

Monthly sign language and literacy classes are provided at all Deaf Reach Schools to enable parents to be active participants in their deaf child’s development, as well as to improve their own literacy skills. As parents improve in their communication skills and understanding of their deaf child and Deaf culture, the overall quality of life for their children and family members improves dramatically

Parent Testimonials

Since Bakhtawar and her sisters joined Deaf Reach school, we have been extremely happy to see the change in them. Thanks to her, she has become my teacher in improving my sign language, and I can now better communicate with my wife and other children Shahida Parveen, – Parent of student at Sukkur Campus
Enrolling my son at Deaf Reach has been highly rewarding for me as I see him continue to learn and grow in his journey to become self-reliant. Abdul Ghaffar Soomro, – Parent of student at Sukkur Campus
The most important thing for me is that at Deaf Reach, she can do anything at the same level a hearing child would, without any discrimination. Especially during COVID, teachers and staff at Deaf Reach were extremely accommodating and facilitated every parent and student to maximize the students’ learning without leaving anyone behind. Shahida Parveen, – Parent of a student at Rashidabad Campus