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Pakistan Sign Language (PSL)


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Bridging the Gap with Technology

For the first time in Pakistan, Deaf Reach has developed Pakistan Sign Language (PSL) Learning Resources to bridge the existing gap in educational materials for the Deaf. Deaf Reach has developed a 6,000 word digital dictionary in both English and Urdu on a searchable Web portal and phone app. The book, 1000 Basic Signs, also contains translations from PSL into six languages: English, Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto, and Balochi.

What is Deafness?

In this instructional video, Deaf Reach founder, Richard Geary, provides a concise overview of deafness and the importance of language acquisition for deaf children, particularly in the early years.

What is Deafness is a comprehensive resource to assist people who work with deaf children – parents, family members, teachers and medical professionals.

PSL Development Team

The PSL resource development team represents a collaborative effort of educators, sign developers, interpreters, curriculum designers, animators, production experts, and respected leaders of the Deaf community. Learn More

PSL for Everyone

These open-access PSL resources are widely available countrywide to teachers, parents and educators to assist the Deaf in gaining literacy skills, and to enhance their opportunities for education, employment and social inclusion. Learn More